About Us

We partner with you to design, build and ship your concept into a product and drive engagement within the market.

Hi, we're MiniCorp

We're a concept, design and development agency based in Dublin, Ireland. We care deeply about validating, designing and launching successful new products. We partner with passionate founders as a team to move quickly, iterate and meet the market’s feedback.

Our core ethos dictates that if a product is to become successful, it requires passion and dedication from both sides. We must operate as a close team.

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What We Believe

We are passionate about building and launching new companies and products. If a product is to be successful, passion, drive and data are the prerequisites. We love simple, minimalist design and execution. Clean, well documented and tested code ensures we build the product on a rock solid foundation allowing it to adapt to the market’s demands.

Constant communication is key to the success of our projects. Startups can at all times track the development progress of their project and speak to us about developments in a a simple and easy way. We believe in building pro table companies as soon as possible.

Our Team

We've built a team of product-focused rockstars. We believe that having a diverse team who is focused on shipping product and building a profitable business first is the recipe for success.

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Brian Kenny


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Stephen Thornton

Senior Engineer

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Alan Flood

Junior Engineer

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Danielle Morgan

Lead Designer

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