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The aim of the show is to highlight inspiring Irish startups – the risk takers, the real entrepreneurs, the people who are building solid, profitable businesses.

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005 Mustard, Finding the Right Fit & Entrepreneurship

In this episode we meet with Gavin from Mustard. Mustard believes great engineers and developers should not have to compromise on how they spend their professional lives. Their mission is to deliver life changing opportunities to the most talented, hard working people, through a simple, elegant marketplace.

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004 Nudiefoods, Snapchat & Building on Your Passion

In this episode we meet with Paul from Nudiefoods. Nudiefoods is your local fruit and veg delivery service. Bringing you the freshest food from the market straight to your door.

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003 Gary Vee, Fillit, Investment and Boats

In this episode we meet with Giani and John from Fillit. Fillit is an online platform that connects people and spaces.

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002 Flipdish, Selling Rural Houses and Cluster Coworking

In this episode we meet with Conor and James McCarthy from Flipdish. With Flipdish people can discover restaurants in their area and order deliveries to their home or office in as few as two taps.

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001 We Meet Huma, Dogpatch Labs & Ubers

In this episode we meet with Kevin Holler from Huma. Huma is based out of Dogpatch Labs in Dublin, Ireland. Huma identifies your strengths and working preferences, bringing internships and graduate jobs you’ll love, right to your inbox.

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