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Where it all began...

When founders Kevin Glynn and David Nolan approach us with the idea behind Butternut Box, we knew it was something we had to be involved in. We love being ‘in’ a project from the beginning. Helping to define, design and develop the product from the ground up with a team who is as passionate as we are about seeing it become real is what we live for.

Butternut Box was born from a desire to ensure dogs are fed all of the nutrients they need to live full and healthy lives. It’s a simple concept, but the execution and attention to detail that the Butternut Box team put into the product was second to none. From meal recipes to using human-grade ingredients to developing fun, gorgeous branding, it was all there.

The Process

While the Butternut Box team were hard at work setting up their supply chain and fine-tuning their manufacturing, they needed someone to build out the online subscription platform. The build allowed us to have complete creative freedom from a UI, UX and design perspective. After wire-framing internally and testing different concepts, we began mocking up some designs for the application and receiving instant feedback through InVision and Slack.

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The design was built using Bootstrap as the mobile first and responsive front-end framework. Taking the designs, we began building the application on Ruby on Rails, utilising Stripe as our payment provider – Stripe was instrumental to the subscription-based model.

"MiniCorp provided us with the tools and expertise that allowed us to launch, iterate and scale as quickly as we wanted to."
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Kevin Glynn, Co-Founder, Butternut Box

Time to Ship

Once the application was launched, sales began coming in. We monitored closely as a team to see what improvements could be made to maximise the platform. That’s what it’s all about for us – launching quickly, learning fast and iterating at speed.

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