Our work speaks for itself.

We believe our work speaks for itself. Find below some of the products we've built that we are most proud of.

Butternut Box

Butternut Box was inspired by the health issues of our rescue dog, Rudie. She was itchy, nervous and smelly (hence the name Rudie).

Nothing seemed to make a difference. Our vet suggested her diet could be to blame and after switching her to home cooked food we were astounded by the change in her condition. You can read more about her story and how Butternut Box was born.

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"MiniCorp provided us with the tools and expertise that allowed us to launch, iterate and scale as quickly as we wanted to."
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Kevin Glynn, Co-Founder, Butternut Box

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UXTraining is an online learning tool to help teach the best user experience practices. When Colman approached us to help build UX Training into a video learning platform, we completely fell in love with the idea.

As the brand states, UX Training lives and breathes user experience. This meant the app had to adhere to all of the user experience principles. Every detail was thought about, wire-framed and executed to pixel perfection.

"I love MiniCorp. Attitude, quality and attention to detail. I couldn't ask for anything more. Highly recommended."
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Colman Walsh, Founder, UXTraining.com

Tech Ireland

The Office of the Dublin Commissioner for Startups - aka Startup Dublin - is an independent, not for profit organization established in October 2014 to support and promote innovation-led, product-based companies that are born, bred or adopted in Dublin.

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"They really care about your product like it's their own. The team constantly think outside the box."
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Rob Cumiskey, Founder, Prospr

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100 Minds

100minds is a social enterprise founded in 2013, that brings together some of Ireland’s top college students and connects them with one cause to achieve big goals in a short space of time.

We recruit proactive college students from across the country and challenge them to raise €1,000 each in a creative and entrepreneurial way.

"What really sets them apart is their flexible, can do approach to everything. Without them Campsited wouldn’t be where it is today."
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Finán O'Donoghue, Founder, Campsited


With Meebler you can take control, you decide which businesses you want to connect with, you decide what information they see about you, you decide how and where you receive messages from those businesses.

You are free to use your preferred messaging app or email address to receive messages and you can change that whenever you chose.

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Booking a holiday is a big deal. And finding and booking campsites is harder than it should be. Put the two together and us outdoors lovers have a problem.

A problem that at Campsited we know all too well, and are committed to fixing, for each and every one of you.


UniTuition is Ireland’s leading platform for connecting third level students with pre-screened specialist tutors. With UniTuition, university students can book the extra tuition they need quickly and easily.

All of our tutors are experts in the modules they teach, having completed and excelled in the classes themselves. This means our tutors can teach students exactly what they need to know to improve their grades. Our tutors provide both individual lessons all year round and group courses coming up to exams.

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A monthly delivery of wine you'll love with insight into how the wine was grown, by whom and where.

Popped selections are an opportunity to discover three amazing wines every month. These wines come directly from vineyards and authentic winemakers.


Prospr connects users directly with private lifestyle coaches. It finds the best coach for you, enable him or her to manage multiple clients at once, track behaviours and provide daily one to one support.

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Gitly is an internal project we decided to build at MiniCorp over a couple of days that we completely open sourced!

We have a big passion for open source software and we love contributing and keeping up to date with the latest projects being released in the open source community.

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