MiniCorp Design Mix #4

Hey Everyone,

We are back after a long break from the Design Mix sharing our thoughts on new products or things that we think are awesome, hope you enjoy 👌🏼

1. HUGE 10 top albums of the 2016


Coming into 2017 there were a lot of blog posts around the best albums of the year, but HUGE created an awesome list of albums released last year. Not only is the list pretty spicy, the design of the holding pages is pretty juicy 🍎. The designs were created by the awesome Chris Cubellis, go check out more of his work 👏

2. Math for Motion


Being the bit of the nerd that I am, this kind of had to creep into this Design Mix... Number one for its cleverness and number two also for its usefulness, being an ex-engineer these types of visuals could have helped greatly when I needed to learn this kind of stuff.

3. GitScout for GitHub Issues


I'm not sure if most people are like this but, If the app can be downloaded instead of being a web app then it is a major plus. If the web app is really well built and looks as good as this then that is a double plus. The devs in office love ❤️ their products, if team members were out of office or working remotely it could be a tool that would be awesome to use.

4. Hindsight by Netta Marshall


Not all projects have to be big amazing things that take months upon months to build, sometimes they can be small, interesting and something people might actually take a note from whether it be a contact, information or advice. Netta has done just that, she has built something insightful for young designers with the input of other leaders in the industry.

4. Students Guide to the Internet


Resourceful websites are great to keep track off with regards learning. This repository created by Aaron Gilmore is filled with all things design, you should check it out especially if you are new to it all 👌🏼

Time for me to peace out folks, any recommendations on what you want to see more of our maybe you just want to give some feedback, reach out to us we don't bite 🙊 @notyouravedelta @minicorphq

Stay Curious Everyone,