I Need a Passionate Marketer

I need someone who understands the power of telling a story. That understands that the battle on launching a successful product is won or lost depending on how the story is told. Someone who is passionate and creative about how they tell that story and believes in a world of limitless potential. You just have to unlock yourself first.

I’m Brian and I own and run an agency in Dublin, Ireland called MiniCorp. Together with an exceptional team we take our clients ideas and build them into something real. We believe in validating assumptions early. Being really clever with how we build the first version and of course focusing on profitability as soon as possible. It’s everything from that initial A4 piece of paper, sketching out the product to launching the iPhone & Android application and seeing millions of people use the product.

It’s undoubtedly difficult but we’re a passionate and hungry team and we’re looking to expand this into marketing realm.

Over the past I’ve noticed that bringing the product to market and leaning on external marketing agencies is not good enough for us in MiniCorp. It’s not giving the product the best chance in the market and so growing a marketing department internally feels right.

Here’s what’s key to me:

  • Running client social media accounts including being really creative on Instagram Stories, Snapchat and Anchor.
  • Coming up with new and creative ways to tell the world about a product. We’ll provide the resources.
  • Ability to run an event. We prefer hosting really small intimate events where the attendee’s get substantial value. You’ll need to help with this.
  • It would be a huge benefit if you know your way around a camera but not a show stopper. If you don’t, make sure you have some really good videographer connections we can hire.
  • The passion for growth. We believe in growing departments from the inside out at MiniCorp. This means although you might only be a team of one in the marketing dept of MiniCorp to begin with, we want you to own it and grow it.

Does this sound like you? Please drop me an email directly brian@minicorp.ie.

If you know someone who might be interested, please share! I’d really appreciate it.