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MiniCorp Mega Mix #3

Our designer Danielle Morgan shares some recent finds and gorgeous web and design inspiration. Things have been busy, busy, busy but we are ready to get stuck back into some of the new exciting things in the product world 🌴 Enjoy! 😊 1. AIGA - Eyes on Design This beauty is great for a little bit of downtime in your day. Sit »

Don’t Be Afraid to Break Things

Our front end developer intern Patrick O'Boyle shares his experience of learning to feel the shipping fear and commit anyway... One of the more common things I hear from intern developers, and have experienced myself, is being afraid to push code. There are a lot of reasons new developers are scared to share their code. Some haven’t deployed before, »

Get to Know... Steve

We hope you've been enjoying getting to know the MiniCorp team! This week, we introduce you to the Steve Thornton, our senior software engineer. What I do at MiniCorp: Primarily I’m a software developer, working mostly with Ruby on Rails and iOS. I also work on our DevOps stuff with the goal of making developer life easier via continuous »