Transforming Lifestyle Coaching

Prospr connects users directly with private lifestyle coaches. It finds the best coach for you, enable him or her to manage multiple clients at once, track behaviours and provide daily one to one support.

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Personal Coaching made simple

The founding team of Prospr had to re-imagine the traditional model of health coaching, which typically depends on a client and a coach spending lots of time together which is time consuming for the coach and expensive for the client.

Prospr is creating a new experience, making the coach tasks easier and providing affordable coaching. Each user is matched with the most relevant coach. Prospr collects data through its mobile application and wearable health technologies. The data is presented in an effective dashboard to selected qualified coaches who can make sense of it all.

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Daily one to one coaching

We love to collaborate with early stage companies whose mission we believe in. We quickly understood that constant communication will become key to the success and adoption of the Prospr service. We built the tools to make it happen seamlessly for both coaches and users.

The success of the coaching experience is all about the small steps that the user will take on a daily basis.

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“It’s a pleasure to work with the MiniCorp team. The great thing about them is the value that they add beyond just developing what’s been briefed. The team constantly think outside the box and bring great suggestions on features, design and usability as well as producing quality work. They really care about your product like it’s their own - it’s like having a development team in-house.”

— Rob Cumiskey ProsprHealth

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