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Grab weekly emails of what open source projects are trending on GitHub for specific languages.

Gitly is an internal project we decided to build at MiniCorp over a couple of days that we completely open sourced! We have a big passion for open source software and we love contributing and keeping up to date with the latest projects being released in the open source community.

We looked around and noticed that it's quite hard to receive notifications of new projects for the languages that you're interested in. So we built Gitly!

Gitly device2

Gitly is a super simple form that requests two pieces of information from you. Firstly your email address and secondly what languages you are interested in. With this information, we'll send you the top trending open source repositories on GitHub for the languages you're interested in.

Keep Informed!

We'll send you an email jam-packed with great content, product launches and everything MiniCorp.